We had a Ball!

Our afternoon was as active as could be. We had a ball, which grandson David and neighbor Logan (8) tossed in the yard. I was very impressed with Logan’s accuracy, both throwing and catching. David did well, too. If you can, use your cursor to slowly move through the first three seconds. The ball doesn’t appear until Logan seems to pick it out of the air.

The fellows retrieved an airplane on the roof, left from the last time Logan was here. As they began playing with it, horse DW galloped down the pasture and stood expectantly at the fence. I took horse treats friend Sue sent me last year and apples so the boys could interact with DW and Vixen. The weather had been too wet and raw for us to find pleasure in standing at the fence. I verbally played airplane with Logan while David had a long conversation with DW.

032119 David Logan feed horses.jpg

Rain began to fall as the young men flew the airplane. Their actions were typical. David pulled up his hood as Logan took off his jacket. Logan pointed out the rainbow and posed with David while I tried to capture it.

032119 Logan David pasture rainbow.JPG

According to Logan, the name of the dog that runs free in the neighborhood is Pepper. Logan and David talked to her, and David sat with her when Logan had to go home. Pepper is a ball of energy and rarely stays to visit.

032119 Pepper David.JPG

Blogger Linda (WALKIN’, WRITIN’, WIT & WHIMSY) sent us a link yesterday to Google Doodle. .https://www.google.com/doodles/celebrating-johann-sebastian-bach

There was an amusing celebration of the birthday of J. S. Bach. We put a melodic line in two measures, and the program added chords to make it sound like a Bach composition. David found it addictive. He continued this morning, sharing the site with John. It was great fun.

032119 D on Bach's birthday.JPG