Neighbor Logan (8) was the youngest member of the cast of Elf, the Musical. This was something he wanted to do, and he was involved in rehearsals for weeks. We went to the first performance. Because we bumbled to the wrong door at the theater, we saw him just before the show began. His parents were behind him, and John and I are reflected in the door.

111018 (1) Elf Logan before performance.JPG

The show was delightful. My favorite photo, taken during the performance, shows Logan as a child on Santa’s lap at Macy’s. The red cast on his arm blends in nicely with Santa’s red suit.

111018 (3) Logan on fake Santa's lap.JPG

Logan appeared in street scenes several times, including the final scene. He is the child in a blue coat. It was fun to watch him singing and dancing with that lively crew.

111018 (6) Logan in blue coat, final scene.JPG