The Return of the Magi  

When John packed away the Christmas decorations in January, our three wise men were missing.  I wrote about it (click here to read), and we continued to look for them in all kinds of crazy places.  We knew that if we found them, it would take us by surprise.

John opened a drawer in the credenza looking for candles.  Lo and behold, there they were!  All three were tucked neatly beside the candles.

061316 Wise Men in hiding.JPG

He had no memory of putting them there.  He began to wonder if he had stowed them himself, planning to take them out on Epiphany.  Well, this year there was no star in the East shining in that dark place.  Our Messianic heralds were mute and still.  I find it amusing that the whole time we were looking for them, they were a couple of inches below their allotted place.  In the photo, John’s hand is about where they should have been kneeling before the Christ Child.

061316 John found the Wise Men.JPG

It may be my imagination, but they seemed to be a bit shrunken.  I set them on the table that was decorated for Flag Day, hoping they would perk up and stretch a bit.  Surely they are enjoying this out-of-season holiday, considering they would normally be packed in the stifling attic!

061416 Magi return for Flag Day.JPG