Valentine’s Day 2023

I had no expectations for the day, good or bad. It unfolded with lovely surprises at every turn. I enjoyed special Valentine greetings via text and email, and they can all be read and savored many times. For days we displayed and appreciated a hand-made card from former neighbor Connie.

Neighbor Cindy took me out to lunch, and what a lovely time it was! We talked non-stop about all kinds of things. I picked her brains about dog issues, since she has had much more experience than I have. After we left the restaurant, I realized I had not taken a photo. You’ll just have to imagine a beautiful friend wearing an elegant white blouse and a lovely smile.

Daughter Lise called from Denmark after working in Italy for three weeks. She just finished polishing a Power Point presentation that the head of the Italian division will present to the CEO in Paris. Heady stuff! We were just beginning our conversation when neighbor Shawn brought over Valentine balloons and a card. I asked her to hold the phone, showing that Lise was with us.

I had a lower key conversation with son John $, mostly about weather. He thinks the seasons vary more from year to year in Washington state than they do in New York or North Carolina. He has lived there a year now and heard natives talk about the weather. One season I’ve never experienced is Smoke Season, a time in autumn when wild fires fill the air with smoke that makes it hard to breathe.

Daughter Kate, with recurring bronchitis, talked to us the night before. She probably couldn’t be heard today.

This was one of the loveliest Valentine Days of my life, and I appreciate all who were part of it.