David’s Days Off

Although David’s first day off this week was cold and wet, we wanted to go to Sunburst Falls. We suspected the water flow would be greater than usual, because of rain a few hours before. We were correct. In addition, there was a lot of ice covering the fast-moving water. We took photos in the snowy rain and ran back to the car, where John was waiting for us with the heater on.

Sunburst Falls, iced

David’s choice was to wander around Biltmore Village that afternoon. We were driving down the mountain from the waterfall when Burger King called. They were busy and needed help. We were happy to postpone our outing so that he could work extra hours.

The next day David was researching a place for us to have lunch. Among the restaurant listings was his Burger King. Have you ever wondered how recent an on-line restaurant photo is? He was surprised that the picture showed his last general manager and a customer that he recognized. The photo must have been between six months and two years old.

We decided to go to Bogart’s, a favorite we hadn’t been to in a while. On the way home, we stopped by Jonathan Creek to see how high the water was. I took a photo of David and the creek to show John, who had gone to Tennessee to work on train tracks. The rocks that we use for judging the height of the water were all submerged.

David looking at high water at Jonathan Creek

This morning I walked to the creek by myself. I saw nothing unusual until I looked at the mountains near the ski area. There was a band of rime ice that did not cover the peaks. Rime ice is formed when there are fog, wind, and freezing temperatures. The frozen fog has a lot of air in it, so the ice appears white rather than transparent. Today the peaks were not covered, something I had not seen before. Evidently, the conditions were perfect for rime ice in that lower band but not higher up. David was interested in seeing the picture before he went to work. We are still fascinated by this white ice that we never saw in New York.