Two Odd Things

We had crossed the highway on the way to the creek when John said, “Look! A rainbow!”

The sun was shining brightly behind us, and there were no rain clouds in sight. We noted that the air was quite humid. I figured it was a Maundy Thursday miracle. God made something out of nothing, and who were we to make nothing of it? I was pleased that the rainbow had a proper arch to it, unlike the flat one I wrote about not long ago.

Mountain to mountain rainbow

After we came up the steep hill, we found our road blocked by an 18-wheeler. It was still inching backwards. We walked well away from it, and as we came up to the cab, the driver hopped out. To his credit, he uttered no expletives, just complained bitterly about the GPS. He had driven all the way to the big bend in the road before realizing there was no way out. Neighbor Mark came from his house and asked where he was headed. He needed to be at Oaks Unlimited on the highway. The men put their heads together and decided the best way to proceed was to back out and continue on the narrow country road until he came to the previous entrance to I-40. It would be making a big loop, but it beat getting stuck in the ditch trying to turn the other way. Mark walked one way and we the other to stop traffic, if needed.

After the truck drove off, I went to Connie’s porch and chatted with her while John and Mark talked on the road. The big rig didn’t come back. We noted that other vehicles came by, so the fellow must have made it out of the area.