Car’s Scars

Our Hyundai Sonata, otherwise known as Snot, has a habit of shedding door handles. The following is a list of losses and people who were left holding the hardware:

son John $pencer – driver’s side back door

Anne – front passenger door

grandson David – driver’s door

grandson Nathaniel – front passenger door, second round

The first replacement was covered by the warranty, and you can’t tell that it was repaired. The next three were visible scars, because they were black. We didn’t feel like paying an extra $50 each to have them painted to match the car. We told Snot to wear them proudly.

David used the car most weekdays to get to work, so John couldn’t take Snot to the dealer in Asheville for the repair. The person impacted most was Nathaniel. Whenever he and I went somewhere, he had to scramble to get in. Nathaniel, being resourceful, found the broken handle would work if he jiggled it into place. His routine was to open the back door, retrieve the handle from the seat, rattle/jiggle it in the front door, open the door, pull the handle off, sit down, and toss the broken piece to the back. I had to control my giggling at the scrabbling sound, not wanting to try Nathaniel’s patience. It was also amusing to watch him fold his tall self into the small car, something he did with alacrity. I felt like the driver of the clown car in the circus. I swear he could do that door-opening, scrunching routine in five seconds flat.

081618 N with car door handle.JPG

I would like to be known for my problem-solving ability, which is not going to happen. You see, after enjoying Nathaniel’s prowess for three days, I thought of the solution. All I needed to do was lower the window so that he could flip his long arm in and open the door from the inside. The laugh is on me, and it won’t be the last.