Good Neighbors and a Fake Turkey

When daughter Lise comes, we always try to see former neighbors Connie and Marla. We had a mother/daughter lunch in Bryson City, catching up on recent events. When the restaurant closed for the afternoon, we went to their house and laughed ourselves silly. We caused Albert to bark, but that’s better than having other diners glare at us.

It’s marvelous to have long roots with neighbors, as well as family members. Marla took a photo of Lise and me, a rarity these days.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, may you have lots to be thankful for – family, friends, a moist turkey, and sides that are not at war with each other. After all, you will be taking sides.

If anyone cares to share your menu, I’d enjoy knowing what you had for your holiday dinner. I was horrified to discover today that we are having fake turkey! I read the label in the store as “turkey breast”. Despite handling it there, putting it in the freezer and taking it out, I did not read the complete label. It’s a BONELESS turkey breast. That means turkey meat was mashed together and put in a mesh casing to hold it together. Next year I’m going to ask David to pick it out.