Removal and Restoration

Thanks to neighbors Jeff and his wife, we can see the garden and pasture again! Daughter Lise talked about bushes that had gotten out of hand, and they offered to remove them. Using a little tractor, belts, a chain saw and shovel, they laid the bushes to rest on the burn pile. What a team! Look at the before and after photos. I am very grateful, as you can imagine.

The dynamos also cut the useless climbing plant that had produced one bloom in eight years. They removed most of the living branches, and Lise picked out the skeleton. That wall must feel that it can breathe again. I smile at the emptiness.

Nieces Kathie and Julie, with Michael and dog Gumball, came from the east, providing lunch. They brought fantastic salads, bread, wraps, desserts, and drinks. What a spread! We restored our bodies with the food and our spirits with lively conversation. David paid special attention to Gumball.

David and Gumball by Julie

We ladies went through family photos, letters, and clippings that Lise set aside for them. Most amusing were a couple of post cards that my brother and I wrote each other when we were children. I wonder if that was a voluntary activity. It amazes me that John had saved so much family history, and now it is going to the people who lived it. Marvelous!

This was the best photo of the day of Lise, Julie, and Kathie.

I enjoyed this special family time and appreciate all Kathie, Julie and Michael did to make it possible.