There are lots of things going on at our house, but they don’t merit a post of their own. Before things get really busy, I’ll give you a peek

051619 Nate models new suit.jpg

at our activities.


Grandson Nathaniel bought himself a new summer suit and sent us a photo from Charlotte. He found a vintage hat to go with it.


Son John $pencer and Rose are moving to this area and will be living with us when they aren’t hiking. They had a celebratory dinner at the Mexican restaurant.

051619 Rose and $  day of moving furniture to storage.JPG
Rose and John $

As they moved things from the car into the house, I found footprints to mark the occasion. $ was wearing shoes, and both Rose and dog Sadie were barefooted.

051719 $ shoe  Rose's barefoot Sadie's paw taking things inside house.JPG
Porch prints of John’s shoes, Rose’s bare foot, and Sadie’s paws
051819 Smoky wants a belly rub.JPG
Smoky at my feet


Smoky, a friend on the morning walk, came out for a belly-rub. He is getting old and often chooses to lie near his house instead of coming out to greet us.



Rose and $ set up a tent, then covered it with a rainproof layer. The water test was the final step in the check.


051919 Sadie finished inspecting the roses
Rose bushes with Sadie on the path at right

Blogger Susie asked for a picture of our little rose bushes that began to bloom enthusiastically this spring. Wind removed a number of blossoms, but the bushes are still showing off. Bear in mind I’m not a gardener, and plants live here in spite of my care.



In a happy moment, Sadie declared herself King of the Mountain, or at least queen of the defunct waterfall.

051919 Sadie.JPG


051919 $ plays dulcimer.JPG


$ played his dulcimer at Rose’s request. His style is quite different from hers. He has a very strong melodic line with a rhythmic beat. I listened as Rose played a song in the next room. She uses chords in a gently flowing style. One makes you tap your feet, and the other calls you to dream of faraway places.

We’ve had leisurely meals that created non-photographic memories. I asked Rose if they had had horses on the farm where she grew up. We burst out laughing when she replied, “My brother had a Shetland pony. He named him Charley Horse.”

I’d love to know what activities you may be engaging in now that the weather is warming.