Family at Christmas

Brother Bob and wife Beth came to spend a little more than 24 hours with us. They stay very busy with church activities, family events, and Bob’s involvement with three bands. We were pleased they made time to come. Grandson Nathaniel took a picture of them with us. He worked quite a while to get this photograph. The day before, he was playing with my camera and read that it could be controlled with a smartphone. He connected his phone to it. It worked then but would not connect when we stood there. He set it aside and took the picture himself.

122617 Bob Beth Anne John.JPG

John and Nathaniel posed with the creek for me. This was the first time this visit that he walked with us, because he was getting over a cold.

122717 Nate JC at creek.jpg

After the weather turned quite cold, no one was interested in being outside for any length of time. We chatted all our waking hours, which I found quite satisfying. Nathaniel worked with the phone/camera setup, using my phone this time. Eureka! It worked. All of us posed for the camera, which was on a tripod. Nathaniel could see us on the phone as he stood there with us. He made sure we were in focus, and I asked if any of our glasses were reflecting light. With a press on the phone screen, the camera snapped the picture. No more setting a timer and running to get in the shot! Nathaniel held up the phone so that we could see what the camera had captured. We agreed that the forth shot was the best of everyone.

122717 Family taken by Nathaniel.JPG

Did you have painful posings for your family group?  There is usually one who grumbles through the whole process.  Our group was recorded before our grumbler had time to complain.  Progress!