Photos at the Train Club

John didn’t have many photos taken at the train club, especially ones with people in them. Most are like those below, pictures showing progress on track work. He loved working with the tracks, both laying out new ones and repairing old ones. If he were looking at these shots right now, he could tell you exactly where they were taken on that five-mile layout.

John was very reluctant to take pictures with his cell phone. He used to laugh and tell people he had a smart phone with a dumb user. He mastered the art of making a call, but often struggled to answer one. His fingers did not swipe well. When he began to bring home photos of track, I begged him to include some with people. I felt like I knew his friends because he talked about them, but I had no idea what they looked like. He tried, he really did. It never became easy for him.

Recently I picked up his phone, because grandson David and I now use it to play games when our phones are charging. Wondering when he last took a picture, I clicked on Photos. These are the only two he took that day. This one shows a friend behind the engine, sitting on a very comfortable seat.

The other shot includes the friend and David wearing a red shirt.

These two photos were taken the day John died. It does my heart good to know that he was thinking of people that day and perhaps was going to share the pictures with me.