Christmas with Logan

Christmas was not complete until we had a visit from neighbor Logan. He had been busy all during the holidays with his siblings. His oldest sister moved back here from Turkey, and the younger of the two sisters visited from the coast for several days. His brother lives nearby. I can only imagine the jumble of adults, children and dogs tumbling over themselves when they all were together. Their house did not appear to bulge at the seams, but I’m sure they made use of every square inch.

Logan presented his beaming self at our front door, and the fun began. John started a game of checkers with him, which Nathaniel continued.

122916 N Logan play checkers.JPG

Then came the familiar announcement, “I’m hungry.” Logan isn’t allowed chocolate or sweets, the rule from home. Can you guess his snack of choice? He suggested apple slices with peanut butter, first crunchy, then smooth. He and I played three games of Pegity, my favorite game, the object being to get five pegs in a row. He was satisfied after he won two to my one. I wasn’t thinking and didn’t get anyone to take a photo of us.

We bought a gift for Logan well before the edict of no toys for Christmas. Don’t judge Shawn and Bob on this; they had good reason for their decision. When Logan came in, I texted them, asking permission to give him the game. I suggested he open it and keep it here to play with us. Whew! They agreed! John led him to the tree where he found the little present. There were only two others there, the ones I forgot to give our son!

122916 Logan opens gift.JPG

Logan opened the magnetic Hangman, stating he already knew how to play. I should have paid more attention to that. It was decided he would choose a word for me to guess, and I asked that he run it by Nathaniel. He is only six years old, after all. What if he had me guessing a misspelled word? I failed to grasp another clue as they conferred, Nathaniel’s groan. Can you believe what that little wizard had me guessing? Photograph!!!! I lost.

122916 N Logan play new Hangman.JPG

Logan read the spines of our small collection of holiday DVDs and picked out Polar Express to watch. Nathaniel loaded it, and John sat with the boy to watch it. Before they got very far, Bob came over to retrieve his son. We hadn’t had him long, but it was a most satisfying visit.

While writing this, I watched a Junco hopping around under the feeder on the deck just beyond my computer screen. I named him Pogo Junco. He hopped over and under the frame, all on one leg. The other was pulled up so that only the useless foot showed. He was matter-of-fact about his disability, asking for food, not sympathy.