A Quiet Mother’s Day

I hope Mother’s Day was pleasant for everyone. I had greetings from daughter Lise in Denmark and talked on the phone with daughter Kate and both grandsons. That leaves the Johns – husband and son – to talk about. I was very thankful they were with me.

Son John $ lifted a heavy object on Friday and felt something shift in his back. The pain came later. Personnel at the walk-in clinic feared a fractured pelvis. The ER doctor ruled out a fracture after looking at the images. He may have a herniated disc or nerve damage. He felt well enough to drive his stick-shift car here for Mother’s Day. Since sitting was painful for him, I chatted with him as he lay on the bed after our meal.

Husband’s problems were more far-ranging. The dealer worked on his car on Thursday. The next time he took it out was Saturday when he headed for the train club in Tennessee. He never made it there. When the power steering failed, he was able to pull in a shopping area. After an expensive tow to the nearest dealer, they found the new belt, just installed, had broken off and done lots of damage. A nearby rental place happened to have a minivan that had just been canceled. That was necessary to bring back the caboose that he is delivering to New York. You can understand why I was very glad to have John home on Sunday.

John was relaying his amusement at the tow-man. As they chatted while driving, Mr. Tennessee asked where John was from. After hearing Brooklyn, he said with surprise, “You don’t have a heavy accent like they do, and you don’t act like you know everything!”

Breaking news is that the caboose was delivered on time on Long Island. The photo shows it sitting in our car before all the exciting events of the weekend.

050718 Bob's caboose.jpg