Trains, Sandwich Tongue, and Hangup in the Creek

Grandson David took a few vacation days to go to the train club with John. He knows people there and was pleased to spend time with two men named Bob from the Long Island club, shown here with their steam engines and John between them.

Bob W, John, and Bob A

I liked David’s photo of a few of the trains running that day. Can you see the steam coming out of the smokestack nearest the camera? Those trains burn coal or oil. I don’t know the people in the picture.

David took a photo as Bob drove the train through woods. David’s knees are in the foreground.

David was eating a homemade breakfast sandwich, which developed a cheese tongue as he ate. I was very aware of tongues from avoiding Sadie’s.

The big rock in the creek often snags branches, but this time the catch looked like a board covered with cloth. Unless someone moves it, the board will stay there until the next heavy rain.