Scared by a Dog’s Poop Bag

Sometimes grand-dog Sadie is eager to walk with me, and sometimes she hugs the bed and refuses to go outside. Today she danced at the front door, then stood still for me to attach her leash. Unlike yesterday, she got past the end of the driveway. I was walking confidently, my plan in place if we met Rosie. Rosie is a year old now and already bigger than Sadie. The last time we met on the road, Sadie almost pulled me off my feet, lunging at our neighbor dog. I recognized that as a danger sign. If I saw Rosie with Lisa or Harmony, I would wave and quickly walk the other way. That would get us out of their way, and we would scurry home.

As we walked, I scanned the road ahead like a radar. Not a human or dog was in sight. When I began to relax, I spotted it – a green poop bag – Rosie’s poop bag!! (Sadie’s bags are red.) That meant she had done her business close to her home, and she was behind me somewhere and eventually heading my way. I dawdled, letting Sadie sniff everything thoroughly. If we took long enough getting to the stop sign, Rosie could slip in behind us and get home before we turned back. Unfortunately, the sign is ON the edge of her property. We turned back, having gone as far as we were going.

Sadie’s poop bag

Sadie knew we were headed home and trotted quickly to get back to her breakfast. I obediently went as fast as I could, closer to a trot than was comfortable. What was the likelihood of our beating the odds for half a mile? A LONG half-mile? If we could only make it to the top of our street, we’d stand a chance of getting home without incident.

We made it! I released Sadie, and she bounded around three of our neighbor’s yards on the way to our front door. She has no idea why I praised her lavishly.

A question – Would you let a green poop bag frighten you??