Wedding of Lauren and CJ

There were no planned activities until the wedding at 4 pm on a Sunday. Seven of us squeezed in our vehicle and went to a Lutheran church. We met nephew Anders, Caroline, and baby Rowan there. In talking to the pastor after the service, they discovered they knew people in common. Among others, they knew the founder of the high school John attended.

We had lunch together at a Philly Steak place In one photo, I had everyone except Chris.

111316 (2) Family at lunch.jpg
Caroline, Steve, Anders in the mirror, Lars, John, Rowan, Barbara, Thom

The wedding was lovely. After the vows were made, the ushers moved a table to the center with an empty container and three glasses of sand. The pastor had white sand, representing God. Bride and groom had colored sand. White sand was poured first, the foundation of their marriage. The three of them took turns pouring.

111316 (11) Pouring sand.jpg

The result was lovely.

111316 (14) Layers God Lauren CJ.jpg

People are the most important thing at weddings. We have photos of the grandparents and parents of the groom and one of the couple at the reception.

111316 (6) Emma Pollock.jpg
Emma Pollock
111316 (24) Chris Steve.jpg
Chris and Steve Lamos
111316 (3) Chris Chrissie.jpg
Chris and Chrissie Pollock
111316 (15) CJ Lauren at reception.jpg
CJ and Lauren Pollock

They were not messy with the cutting of the cake, maybe because it was cheesecake instead of a buttercream concoction.

111316 (19) Cutting the cake.jpg
Cheesecake and pumpkin pie.  Note lighted stands for cakes

I haven’t been to a wedding recently and had no idea what people did when the bride and groom left the church. We used to use confetti, but that was replaced with bird seed. What did we have for this wedding? Sparklers!!! It was beautiful. The young couple will be flying to Utah in a few days, back to their jobs and their new life together.

111316 (23) Sparklers at leaving.jpg
Leaving the church under sparklers