Fabulous Family

Our furthest destination for this trip was Utah. We visited two of our great nephews who came from upstate New York, CJ and Zeb, They suggested we go to Dairy Keen (yes, it’s Keen), because they said John had to eat there. What a perfect pick! A train chugged around the ceiling, and the scenery depicted local places. I accidentally had the video running when I thought I was waiting to get everyone’s attention for a still photo. From left to right were CJ, his wife Lauren, Zeb, his fiancee Bri (pronounced Bree), and John. We had quick food – hamburgers, a grilled cheese sandwich, a corn dog, and French fries. They insisted we try their fries and dip them in fry sauce. That’s the only place they know where there is a special sauce for fries. I wish I’d rolled the sauce around my tongue to see if I could identify the ingredients. We also had sweet drinks to sip and thick shakes to eat with a spoon. It was so thoughtful of them to take us there.

Zeb was on his break and left after eating. We went to the pet store where he works, and waited for him to be free.

CJ, Bri, Lauren, and John

I loved the way Zeb shared his enthusiasm for his job. He drew us in by looking directly at us and talking about the animals. He was luring us in to love the pets as much as he did.

I was juggling my phone and camera, keeping both busy. The shots taken with the camera were for the blog, and the ones on the phone were immediately texted to the boys’ mother, niece Chrissie. It was great fun for me to share our visit with her sons, and she was showing them to husband Chris as they came in. The one showing the boys together was one that went directly to them.

We went to Lauren’s and CJ’s apartment to visit. Lauren offered to make coffee for us. We didn’t want her to stay on her feet after working all day, but she said she enjoyed doing things for people. Am I glad we didn’t talk her out of making coffee! She has a sophisticated coffee machine, a gadget for frothing milk, and a collection of pure flavors. She orders beans from a special shop and uses a fancy gadget to get just the right grind. My almond iced coffee was heavenly, and John enjoyed his plain black brew. I wanted a picture of Lauren making coffee and happened to catch CJ there, too.

After Zeb got home from work, we went to his apartment. He wanted to introduce us to the animals he owns. We didn’t stay long, because he had to work the next day.

Before we got in our car to go back to the motel, CJ showed us their garage. He was programming a light show for a performance coming up. He does all kinds of things such as teaching snow boarding, programming games, repairing phones, and being a disk jockey. His technical knowledge knocks my socks off.

To be continued. The next day CJ and Lauren took off from work to go with us to Promontory Point.