Raining on our Walk

On the way to the creek, we stopped at the firehouse to vote in a run-off primary election. Lise realized she was eligible to vote, since she uses our address as her legal address in this country.

The little stickers say, “I voted.”

At the creek, we were teasing about the boys’ long hair, not cut since the COVID-19 shutdown. Haircuts were on the list of things to do that day.

I spotted a three-petaled flower by the stream and guessed it was a trillium. Nathaniel climbed down to take a photo of it.

Walking back home, we saw rain clouds coming over the mountain. That was not in the forecast!

The rain was definitely coming our way.

We dithered about staying at the gas station or risking being drenched.

Nathaniel and David walked around a big rig to get a good photo of the storm, and Nate took the short way back. We wondered if people in the cafe were laughing at us. I’m sure the regulars all know us by sight.

Sheltering under the canopy was our choice, but Lise decided she needed the steps. David agreed to walk home with her.

Kate had not walked with us because she wanted to take a shower. Nathaniel called his mother, and she drove down immediately to pick us up. When we caught up to Lise and David, David squeezed in the car with us. Lise walked on alone and was slightly damp when she got home.

“Mom! Could you come get us, please?”