A Few Hours with Nathaniel

On grandson David’s day off, we drove to Charlotte to spend a short time with grandson Nathaniel. What a wonderful visit we had! Daughter Kate had not seen Nate’s apartment, his first place after being at university. David was getting the kinks out after being scrunched in the back seat of the car.

We ate at a barbecue place, and Nathaniel talked about wines as we waited for our food. One of his last courses was about wine. He works in a coffee shop that also serves beer and wine, so he is using his knowledge on a daily basis.

The youngsters posed after Nathaniel helped us order coffee, and he sat with us until it was time for him to clock in.

I wanted a shot of Kate with her hazelnut coffee and my latte. Both drinks were delicious.

Sarah dropped by on her way to work, so we saw her for a few minutes, too. It was a marvelous day from start to finish.