Visiting Continues

Our five spent the night at brother Bob’s house so that we could visit a bit more. Doing that three-hour drive twice in one day would have been a bit much. Daughter Lise was still on Danish time. She needs much less sleep than I do, and I found she had been awake several hours when I got up. We decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood, since we had been sitting for two days in a row. John was the only one up then, so we weren’t missing most of the people. Lise loved the way the sunlight hit the trees.

As we walked around, we found happy smiles drawn on the pavement at one house. I asked Lise to pose her feet with the painted pair to show how large they were. We were happy to begin with, but this added an element of joy.


Our overnight stay gave Lise more time to buy a new wardrobe, with niece Julie’s help. Lise’s clothes out-grew her after she lost a lot of weight. She brought a huge suitcase from Denmark filled with her old clothes. I get first choice of hand-me-downs before she donates the clothes to Goodwill.

We had another meal together at a local Italian restaurant. Eating at 2:00, we had the dining room to ourselves most of the time. That was good, because we filled the space with talk and laughter. I took the photo, so I’m the only one missing. Lise asked the waitress to take another that included me. She hasn’t shown it to me, but I’m not sure I want to see it. When we got back home and I saw myself in the mirror, I wondered what I looked like all day long. I don’t remember using a comb at all!!!

Bob, Beth, John, Jay, Julie, Lise, Nathaniel, and David