Barefoot in the Snow

Neighbor Logan’s visit was planned ahead, because his parents went to a dinner. He might have come over slightly before Shawn and Bob told him to. How do I know? They must not have seen him leave the house. The first thing I noticed when I opened the door was that he was barefooted.

“Where are your shoes?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t need shoes,” he replied airily.

Looking beyond him, I saw his footprints in the snow on the steps.

Seeing my eyes open in disbelief, he said he’d go back and get his shoes.

I whipped out the camera and got that one shot before he was streaking back across the street. Note that the arrow points to one print that has toes pointing toward the house, as well as toes pointing toward the steps going down. At least he reused the bare spots!

Sadie went wild, barking and jumping on Logan. I tried to control the violence, but both boy and dog wanted to careen about the house, defying gravity and solid walls. I cringed when bones hit the floor. Sadie earned her nickname of Whompers, and Logan matched her fall for fall. He is used to playing rough with Dolly, his boxer.

Business must have been slow at Burger King, because grandson David was let go early in his shift. He and Logan played some games in the house before going out to play with a tennis ball. Always inventive, Logan picked out a nice stick from the burn pile to use as a bat. Sadie and I watched from the deck. Sadie paced and barked, while I stood still to point the camera at the action.