Pistols at Dusk

Though not sizzling, the afternoon was hot and humid. Dennis checked to see if Logan, his foster brother, could come out to play with water guns. I’ll bet the young boy was very disappointed that he was on his way to a baby shower. The young men played, anyway, and came in drenched. While we were eating a late supper, Logan rang the doorbell. He was holding his new water pistol and sat on a step stool, waiting patiently for us to finish.

070216 Logan waits for water fight
Dennis and Logan


John asked him about the gun.

“I got it for my birthday,” he replied.

“Do you know who gave it to you?”

“Yes,” he said. “David and Nate.”

John and I were impressed that he remembered. He opened his gifts in a tearing hurry, and we would not have expected him to know or care whose names were on them.

We had bought a set of four pistols to have at our house, so all the boys armed themselves and went out with Logan. I followed the sound of shrieks to the deck where I had a good view of the action. Logan strategized with Dennis, pulling him down to his level. The foster brothers ran down the slope to challenge the half-brothers. Actually, I don’t think they had teams. It was probably each man for himself. They were merciless, shooting each other at point blank range.

070216 One down


At my request, Nathaniel used his phone to see when squirt guns were first used. It was in the 1860s!! The first ones were made of iron, plated with nickle, and held enough to shoot about 10 times. He then filled a gun and went outside to see how long ours would go. He said 147 times! We’ve come a long way.

I think I had a red water pistol when I was little. Does anyone else remember having one?