Viral Fighting??

We checked with neighbors to see if they needed anything from the supermarket. No one did, but neighbor Shawn and I were laughing about shopping at Ingles. I said we were going for the thrill of it, as well as getting necessities.

She texted, “We all must be so bored that we go to Ingles for our thrills!! Take it all in for me.”

John and I had walked through a couple of aisles, following the one-way arrows, when the store manager greeted us. We responded by asking how he was doing. He explained that business was rough. He gives a pep talk to his workers every day, because they are on the front line to fight COVID-19.

He said, “You wouldn’t believe the senior store hour on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The people get in fights – blood all over the place!! It’s the first hour of the day EVERY Tuesday and Wednesday!”

We were aghast. I apologized to him for my age group, which did nothing for the situation, but hopefully made him feel a little better. He said a customer accosted him the day before, demanding that everyone in the store wear a mask and gloves. He gently told him that they followed all the state and federal rules, and he had no authority to make workers do any more than that. Workers handling food wear gloves, but they always have. An inspector comes every day to make sure all workers are in compliance.

I said our daughter is a cashier at a supermarket in New Jersey. He responded, “I wish her all the best. I know what my cashiers go through, and it must be awful for her where the virus is so much worse. Keep up the good work.”

As we ended the conversation, I said, “At your meeting tomorrow, tell them a cheering squad was here for them.”

He laughed and said he appreciated it and would tell them.

After we checked out, I took a shot of the front of the store and sent it to Shawn.

“Whoop whoop!!!” she replied, always ready to enter into the spirit of the day.

Most shoppers are wearing masks.
Hummingbird feeder

A bird footnote: Joyce texted, “They are here! The hummers are here!”

The hummingbirds are here a day earlier than I expected, but I went right home and boiled sugar water for them. The first feeder is on my deck. I must remember to bring it in tonight when the temperature goes below freezing.