Family at War

Our family went to war, not with each other, but with the Wicked Wisteria. We were waiting for David to get off work when grandson Nathaniel remembered I wanted him to trim a climbing plant next to the house. He marched out with the loppers and never made it past the wisteria. Flatfooted, he trimmed two feet more of the vine than I could have.

070918 War on Wisteria Nate whacks tendrils.JPG

Daughter Kate took a turn holding the ladder for her dad.

070918 War on Wisteria Kate hold ladder for John.JPG
The back porch is where we see the wicked wisteria reaching out to envelop the house.

I thought things were too dangerous when John held the ladder for Nathaniel to clip the branches on top. I presume Kate was the guardian angel on duty in the background. Look at the young man’s size 13 feet on the tiny ladder top. *shudder*

070918 War on Wisteria Nate's feet, John, Kate.JPG

Evidently, the ladder was more stable when Nathaniel continued giving the wicked vine a haircut. No one was paying him any attention. Kate appeared to be holding up the pergola with a magic wand. In the end, the magic was in the appearance of the unruly plant.

070918 War on Wisteria.JPG

We won! Never fear, the wicked wisteria will fight back, but it is no match for our speed with Nathaniel on our side.