You Might Live in the Mountains of North Carolina if ….

you see a mailbox like this on your morning walk.

101716 Mailbox on Qualla Road.jpg

This being election time, would you like to vote for a label? Your choice is (1) hillbilly problem-solving or (2) lazy practicality.

Oh, you need more background? This mailbox is closest to a clapboard house with four vehicles parked on the grass and none in the detached garage. Their huge barbecue grill is on the front porch, and Christmas lights still outline the railing.

This mailbox is also across the road from the driveway of a neat brick house. There is a portable basketball hoop near the garage, and once in a while there is a white SUV parked there.

Have you chosen your answer? The mailbox, by the way, belongs to the brick home.