Concordia Concert

We had a wonderful time visiting the family at the Brook. It was my first time to eat in the commons — most impressed with the building and the food. We even had time to play outside on a perfect spring day.

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Sunday was quite a blur.050315 N sits to comb hair First, Nate found a new way to use the midget mirror in the motel. He sat in a chair to comb his hair. We went to Sunday School and to the long confirmation service. It was good to see our friends there, though there wasn’t much time to talk. We were invited to the lunch for one of the confirmands, Dan. We had some appetizers, and just before the burgers were coming off the grill, we had to leave. I rode with Kate, and Nate went with John. We arrived at David’s college about 10 minutes before the concert began. Whew! That was close!

I expected to relax and enjoy the first performance of the tour program. The singers entered on both sides of the hall, singing to an insistent drum beat. Soon I spotted David and sat back in my chair. After a piece or so, half the choir filed off the risers while a smaller group did the next piece. I couldn’t find David. My heart lurched when I did spot him. He was turning pages for Deb, the piano accompanist. Oh! My! Few things are more nerve wracking than turning pages. If you make a mistake, you could ruin everything.   Please, Lord, don’t let him knock the book off. I couldn’t take my eyes off Deb with David’s hand coming up to turn the pages. David, make sure you turn only one page. Deb was really into the music, nodding her head as she pounded the keys. I focused on her nods, trying to see when the cue would come for David to flip the page. Keep one eye on the music and one on Deb, David. I never could tell when she reached the end of the page. Thank heaven he knew. I almost slumped with relief when that was over.

The tour choir wasn’t very large, but their power was amazing.  The college students sang with maturity and confidence. Their voices made the rafters ring, yet they could sing so softly you found you were holding your breath to hear them. They had memorized everything, leaving them no excuse for not watching the director.

After the prog050315 David D Nram, we met David’s tour roommate and his mother. The oddest thing was that Nate was almost a soulmate for the roommate. Both wear suits to school, carry attache cases, and have the same last name! We’ll see David and Davin in a week and a half when the choir sings in one of the churches we attend in Asheville.  I took a picture of Nate wearing David’s stole while they were horsing around after the concert. We ate dinner at the diner where we used to take Lise and Kate when they were at Concordia. We split then, Kate going to New Jersey, David back to campus, and we to Long Island. It had been quite a day.

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