Ruts in the Road

You’042614 Redbuds going homed think, after the myriad number of trips we’ve taken between New York and North Carolina, we’d have worn ruts in the road. The landscape is certainly familiar, but there is always something new to see. Yesterday was a redbud day. Redbud trees have finished blooming near our home, but we began to see them in Virginia. They were glorious, splaying out their lavender bloom covered branches toward the sky. We couldn’t drive for more than a few seconds before another bunch waved from the roadside. For some reason, Pennsylvania dropped them. We wondered if the season had finished, but then we saw several mature trees blooming in a yard. We’ve also traveled north far enough to catch forsythia in her yellow dress. It’s fun having two spring seasons in a day.

As we settled in our motel room, I told John there was something unusual. With wonder in my voice, I said, “I sat down on the bed!”

He laughed with immediate understanding. He hears my launch and landing routine on the high four-poster at home. He knows when he hears a yelp and thud that I’ve failed and landed with my feet on the floor instead of body on the bed.

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