Translation Needed

John has dealt with the lawn man ever since we moved here. He had driven $ to the dentist when Adam came, so I went out to talk to him. I met the personable young man a couple of weeks ago when he came to give us a quote on taking down some trees that were obscuring our view of the mountains on the north side. Today he came to make sure we were satisfied with the new trees he planted yesterday. He mentioned that he grew up here. He waved his hand to indicate he had played all over this area when he was young because he lived on J Creek. That meant he was a real native of this area, a man who couldn’t have been more local. That fact is important for the rest of the story.

I asked about the trees with dark leaves, knowing we had asked for redbud trees and holly trees.

He said, “Those are force redbuds.”

I knew I hadn’t heard it correctly and asked for a repeat.

He changed it slightly to say, “Fours redbuds.”

When I cocked my head with a questioning look, he took it slowly, like you would for a disabled child. “Four S redbuds.”

Aha! The word must be “forest”.

My accent is the one at fault.  I say the word as if it begins with “far” instead of “for”.

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