One in Eight Million

051215 Tour choir rehearsalWhat a quick 16 hours we had! We watched the Concordia Choir rehearse in the sanctuary of the Asheville church and then had dinner with the students. Bob and Dennis from across the street came for the concert and said they enjoyed it. It was a delight to catch up with David’s news on the way home and get to know Davin. That’s when we discovered that Davin is one in eight million. He graduated from the same high school that John attended!!! Of the millions of people in New York, what were the chances that student and host would have the same alma mater? Mind boggling!

051315 David Davin
David and Davin

It was wonderful to hear the full concert again. We went to the first performance when we were in NY a week and a half ago. The second time I noticed lots of things I missed. Not watching the words as carefully, I saw the singers’ expressive faces and marveled that everything they did was from memory. Their dynamics were superb. Of course, this time I wasn’t nervous about page turning. David didn’t turn any pages, but he told us he had done it once on the trip and that it was easier than the first time. We delivered the fellows to the second Asheville church where they did a program for the grade school. We didn’t know if we could go to it, but another host said she was going in. We followed. The program was much shorter and included things the children would resonate with.

I was impressed with the behind-the-scenes relationship of Dr. J., the director, and singers. They had an easy rapport that was fun to see. Dr. J.’s talks about the college were excellent – focused and tailored for the audience. It all brought back pleasant memories of our own college choir tours.

051315 Choir school concert

I had pictures from the rehearsal last night, David with his GP (grandpa) and Davin, and one taken during the school program this morning. The accompanist, a doctoral student, not only played the piano, but he took photographs. He is standing at the left taking a shot that I saw on the choir Facebook page an hour later. Every time the choir needed a starting note from the piano, he was right there at the keyboard.

I hated to say goodbye to David, but he is on his way to Atlanta today. The choir will give concerts in Decatur, Mobile, Baton Rouge, and Hattisburg, among others. They will go to New Orleans and sing at Hermitage TN, in Ohio, and in West Virginia before heading back to NY.

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