Rent a Grandchild

Amy talked about having trouble with her cell phone. Her solution was to hand it to granddaughter AE (Amy Elizabeth) who promptly told her some of the things she had done wrong. Sobering, isn’t it? The balance of power has shifted. As parents, we could often deduce what our children had done because they left telltale signs. Now our grandchildren can spot our faults electronically. AE asked if Amy had turned the phone off recently. As Amy told her story, her answer was a childlike, “I don’t know.”

I stood there as guilty as Amy. I couldn’t remember when I last shut down my phone. It took care of itself last night. It was already in silent mode when it tried to let me know it needed charging, so it turned itself off in disgust. Subsequently, I had half a walk this morning because I didn’t wake up until 6:13.

I am thinking we should share our grandchildren for the good of the neighborhood. There will probably come a time I’ll need AE’s expertise. When David and Nate are here, I could lend them for giraffe jobs, since both are tall. I suspect Shawn and Bob’s granddaughter, three years old, is an expert only in cookie tasting.

Being an early bird had its advantages. I rushed to finish cleaning up the house and preparing dinner before our guests came. A high school classmate of John is driving from Tucson to New York via Florida. The green/yellow pollen was so bad I had to dust off the chairs on the front porch before sweeping the floor. I prepared baked grits to go with ham, spiced peach salad, and lemon rub pie. Mid-afternoon Kathy and Ron called to say they had been waylaid by heavy rain and were stopping for the night. That’s why I had time to write today. As I sat at the computer, Mother Nature produced a play in three acts – rain moving along I-40, mist obscuring the mountains, and our own shower with an encore of strong sunshine.

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