Youth Concert with Dennis

This afternoon neighbor Dennis came over to invite us to his youth choir concert. There were 10 young ladies and 11 fellows, a surprising mix. Often teen girls outnumber boy singers two to one. They had a good sound, on key and confident. Dennis seemed to sing with enjoyment, as they all did.

We left home the same time as Shawn and Bob (Dennis’ foster parents), and we parked next to them at the church. After we settled in a pew, Shawn chatted with the woman next to her. She introduced her to me, saying, “This is Carolyn, our neighbor.”

I was trying to think what house Carolyn lived in when Shawn continued, “She owns the sheep.”

Carolyn asked, “Have you seen our sheep?”

I replied, “Yes, I speak to them every morning.”

I should have said I speak to them sheepishly. I always look around to see if anyone can hear me and say, “Hey! Sheep! How are you today, sheep?” They used to stare, but now they just keep on tearing at the weeds.

There was an unusual instrument accompanying the choir — a square drum. I thought a drum was round by definition, but this one wasn’t. The player beat it with two square sticks. I was surprised that the choir sang a number that David’s college choir had sung – Soon and Very Soon – although it might have been a different arrangement. The teens did a great job, and everyone was busy congratulating them on the way out. We were very glad we had gone.

053115 Dennis in youth choir
Youth choir, Baptist Church in Waynesville

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