If you don’t like snakes, close this immediately. I grew up knowing snakes were sharing our property, and they didn’t bother me. We ignored the harmless ones and avoided the dangerous ones. Actually, I don’t think I ever saw a cottonmouth or a copperhead alive. Now spiders are another matter. Those critters send shivers up my spine. That’s a fact, without rhyme or reason.

John and I were chatting after lunch on the porch when he said, “Look there! It’s a snake – a first for us here!”

080615 1 Snake hunting

I couldn’t even see the creature, but I was already rising from the chair to get the camera. Even worse, I opened the door to go down the steps before I was sure it wasn’t poisonous. I’ve given myself a stern lecture and hope I took it to heart. Meanwhile, John was simply watching the black snake poke his head in every crevice of the little stone wall. We wonder if he was looking for our resident chipmunk, hoping that wouldn’t be Mr. Slithery’s lunch. The snake doubled back on himself and pushed into the next open space. At that point, I was watching instead of aiming the camera and saw the black head appear in the middle of the ground cover behind the wall. The old snake must have decided he was safe as he meandered off through the garden. I’m very glad our lunch was more successful than his.

080615 2 Snake goes through plants

080615 3 Snake leaving

13 thoughts on “Snake!

  1. Thanks for reading, Kelli. I went to your blog and feel the same way you did about participating in Blogging 101. There wasn’t enough time to read posts while trying to publish a lot myself. I may take the course again some day.


  2. Anne – I love snakes (and spiders) well maybe love is too strong a word – but neither of them bother me. Thanks for sharing the pictures – I’ve never seen a snake do that so that was pretty interesting.


  3. Ahh! SNAKES! I’m the complete opposite as I live in the UK we don’t see many snakes at all ever though I live in the country side though I still find spiders a bit creepy but I am still a little frightened of them! 🙂

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      1. I agree England is great but the rain is so miserable! Even in the summer it’s mostly raining with a very little sun, typical British here talking about the weather haha 🙂

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  4. I was calm because I’m a dunce! I was more interested in taking a photograph of the snake than considering whether or not it could hurt me. Before I got too close, I realized it was a black snake, not green or brown patterned. It was not poisonous. I stayed at least five feet away from it.


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