Quick Visit to Winston Salem

John, the historian in the family, wanted to see the recreated Lincoln funeral train on display at the Spencer Shops. Unfortunately, for reporting purposes, I opted to visit with my brother Bob and Beth. John came back with enthusiastic reports of the lovely detail on the funeral car and exclaimed over the hundred or so people in period costume. He thought the exhibit was so exciting that every school child in the state should have gone.

We were supposed to have dinner with our niece, but she was too ill to see us. Instead, we crashed a church dinner party that Beth and Bob were hosting. What delightful people were there! This group of eight had eaten together three or four times as part of an effort for more people to get to know new members. During the first gathering, they discovered one couple had played golf with Beth’s parents. Also, one of the men had known my brother because each had coached a softball team in the same town. There was lively conversation all evening. Before the group dispersed, Bob offered to play the saw for them. He has played for various church groups, but these folks hadn’t heard him. I took only one photo, and it isn’t the best, but you might be able to see Bob holding the saw.

My brother holds his musical saw
My brother holds his musical saw

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