A Jolting Realization

After a friend read about our keeping the two boys across the street one evening, he asked, “Where were you when my kids were little?”

I thought, “We weren’t fun then. Now we have a closet full of Nerf guns, thanks to grandsons David and Nate. The LGB (not to be confused with LGBT) trains stay on the porch, and we keep a supply of balloons to play with. There are two radio controlled cars, one of which is mine. A bowl of nuts and one of M&M’s stay on the counter, something I would never have done when our children were young. There is also an unlimited supply of soda, and the boys know where to get it. Thankfully no one has abused that. The fellows here don’t know that we also have millions of Lego pieces in a box.”

081315 Logan as tunnel

I just realized what all this means. Did you think of it before I did? This is the documentation that we have officially entered our second childhood! Do you want to come over and play?

8 thoughts on “A Jolting Realization

  1. You definitely have grandparenting sorted :). I have an enormous bin of Lego in my attic – so that’s a start! No grandchildren yet, but my daughter in law is making ‘awww’ noises at baby pictures, so finger crossed 🙂 Mir xx


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