Spotting an UMP

I spotted an UMP, an Upwardly Mobile Plant, while walking. I have to admit I don’t know the difference between weeds and wildflowers. Maybe it just depends on where they are. Not more than five minutes from the house were some tall plants in a rock garden, the rock garden being a bunch of large stones scattered above the ditch. One substantial weed/wildflower had attained its height over the past few weeks. I was amused that lavender morning glories had climbed the weed and were making more of a visual splash than the small white blooms. I’m not sure of the interpretation. Was one plant taking advantage of another, a victim in today’s parlance? Or was this a joint venture to present a living bouquet to roadside viewers? In any case, I have enjoyed the show.

091115 Upwardly Mobile Plants

4 thoughts on “Spotting an UMP

  1. I have allowed an UMP to overtake a DMP along a fence. Wild morning glory has climbed all over Catoneaster (sp?) but I think it looks better than what I planted originally. I’m with you on not knowing a weed from a real plant. 🙂

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