Creeks Rise and Hawks Hunt in our Backyard

South Carolina was swamped by days of rain, but all we have to show for it are swollen creeks. John was amused that I looked down at a small drainage ditch when we heard rushing water. What we were hearing was the sound of the first little stream that goes under the road. We were several yards from it when it announced it had recovered from its summer low. Jonathan Creek was running clear, having dropped the silt and covered all the boulders with rushing water. It was nowhere near overflowing its banks. I think the lowest tones were several steps above what they were a week ago. The water had little to make music with, as the boulders were muffled.

Jonathon Creek running full
Jonathon Creek running full

Rabbits and squirrels, take cover! I happened to look up when I sensed movement by the fence that separates our yard from the neighbor’s cow pasture. A rabbit ran for his life as a hawk swooped toward it. The hawk reached out twice, but his wings were beating against the barbed-wire fence. Later I saw a hawk chase a squirrel in the same spot. Evidently, the little creatures knew there was some protection from the fence. I feel sure neither would have had a chance in the open.

2 thoughts on “Creeks Rise and Hawks Hunt in our Backyard

  1. Anne – Beautiful picture of the creek. I have been hearing hawks in my back yard for weeks and my bird feeder has not been getting it’s usual number of visitors – the other birds seem to know when the hawks are out.

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  2. I’m glad you mentioned hearing hawks. I should check out the ones that are in this area and listen to their sounds. I hadn’t realized they were identifiable by sound. Thank you!


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