Churches in Durango

Before we got to the church John had picked out in Durango, we passed a very interesting one a block away. I saw a man with a big, black cowboy hat standing in the parking lot. He looked out of place to me, but then we saw the sign – Cowboy Church!!!

At the Lutheran church, two cars were parked there. I was wrong, but I figured the cars belonged to the pastor and the organist. Evidently Lutherans all over the US wait until the last minute to rush to church. When a few people had gone in, we walked to the front door and met the pastor. He was very understanding when John said we were there because of trains. If he thought we were nuts, he didn’t let on.

The service was a one man band! The pastor announced that because both organists were out of town and would be for another week, he would play his guitar for the hymns. My jaw dropped. That church had two organists and both were absent???? That never happened at our church. We had only one organist, and I was it. The man was good, playing and singing competently. John said he missed a prayer opportunity. He should have prayed for a musician and asked all strangers entering if they could play. The congregation followed the pastor’s lead in singing the liturgy. He was good. They were not.  They will be glad to have their organist back to cover for them.

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