Shower Saga Continues

After John read about my problems with the motel shower, he said he wanted to be there the next time to hear me yelp. He followed that with a brilliant suggestion – get the water to suit you before you step in. Well, duh! I never thought of that. Up till now, I’ve always been able to command the shower to do what I wanted. What power I had back when I was young!

Not wanting to get my head wet, I took John’s advice. All was going well, or so I thought. I flicked back the curtain, stepped in, and turned to close it. With disbelief, I looked at what I had done. You know the two magnets that are often at the lower ends? They had hooked themselves together, leaving great triangles of open space at both ends of the tub. I could imagine water going everywhere, wetting the towels and my clean clothes. Aaauuugggghhhh!

I am now officially shower senile. Good news for you, though. I’m not showing any photos.

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