A Toothsome Day


Daughter Lise had to spend a lot of time in the dentist’s chair, so John, Chris, and I tooled around on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We discovered a new waterfall that we’d never seen before. We hadn’t spotted it, maybe because we were going in a different direction or because leaves had fallen.

112415 Woodfin Cascades

Obviously other people had seen it, because the overlook sign named it Woodfin Cascades. We wondered about the words cascade and waterfall. According to Wikipedia, a waterfall is water flowing over the edge of a cliff, while a cascade is a series of waterfalls. If that’s true, I have been misspeaking all my life. I should have been exclaiming over cascades, the kind of falling water I see most often.


When Lise was free, we went in two breweries in Sylva. I had no idea these places existed. We voted the second one the best because their space was more inviting, and the people were eager to please. We also liked the name – Sneak E Squirrel. Lise couldn’t eat because her mouth was numb, but we were hungry. Expecting to have an early dinner, we asked for a club sandwich to be split three ways. Those accommodating people did it! Lise had her reward in due course – a pumpkin cheesecake milkshake. I always thought she came at Thanksgiving to see us, but now I think the lure is pumpkin.

112415 L Chris JC in Sneak E Squirrel.JPG
Lise, Chris, John at Sneak E Squirrel

We shopped at Michael’s and Walmart, which took hours instead of minutes. With all that walking, we were hungry and gobbled down food at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Asheville. Chris was interested in authentic Mexican fare, since he can’t get it in Manchester. I was more than willing to go along with him.


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