Our Thanksgiving Fun

I had the phone with me in the bathroom. Son $ rang, asking, “Where is everybody? I’m here in the kitchen.”

I replied, “Lise and Chris aren’t dressed yet, Dad is at church and I’m in the bathroom, stark naked.”

$ quickly said, “I’ll stay in the kitchen.”

I told him I’d be with him before he finished a cup of coffee, which I was. Later Lise and Chris saw the horses in the pasture next door and asked if I had apples. I had saved six cores from the pie and had other junk apples. They enjoyed giving the animals treats and petting them.


112615 Chris Lise pet horses.JPG
Chris and Lise talking to the horses next door

$ opened the door to my brother Bob and Beth. John came back shortly after that, and we noshed on spinach dip until the turkey was done. $ had two other dinners to attend, so he left before we got down to the serious business of eating. We had standard fare – turkey, dressing, gravy, frozen cranberry salad, green bean casserole, and sweet potato casserole (made from fresh potatoes this year and well worth the minimal effort).


112615 Bob Beth JC L Chris Thanksgiving dinner.JPG
Bob, Beth, John, Lise, and Chris with the remains of Thanksgiving dinner

Bob asked Beth how her team was doing, cause for turning on the TV. Beth watched the game as the rest of us wondered about the blue shoes on the football players. I daresay our household was unusual in that only one woman was following the action. Her team won, so we were all happy.

John pointed out the huge newspaper for the day, mostly ads. All but Chris from England laughed at ourselves for having participated in at least one Black Friday spree in the past. We dove into the stack of ads to see what we would not go out to buy the next day. Chris and Lise said European merchants are catching on, and they are having Black Friday shopping days without the Thanksgiving Day prelude. In Denmark the words came straight from English and were not translated into Danish.


112615 Beth Bob Chris JC L Black Friday fliers.JPG
Beth, Bob, Chris, John, and Lise looking at Black Friday ads

Someone asked was it time for dessert, and that was hours after the turkey was put away. Instead of supper, we had cranberry mince pie and pumpkin cheesecake. Appreciation was high.

Our after dinner entertainment was listening to Bob play the French horn. He practices every day and is improving greatly. I think he had just started the last time he was here several months ago. He is proficient playing the trombone and is probably still good on the trumpet. He can also play the saxophone, clarinet, flute and musical saw. My shoe was untied as I walked toward the piano to accompany him. That sparked the next phase of entertainment as Bob demonstrated Beth’s knot. He first did it on my shoe and repeated it several times so that Lise and Chris would learn. By the last time, my head was almost on the keyboard as I struggled to keep my leg stretched out toward the sofa. Bob removed his own shoe and handed it to Chris to practice.

112615 Chris practices Beth's knot.JPG

At the end of the day, I refolded Chris’ jumper (sweater) to help it dry. He washed all the tops he had worn, and Lise discovered they couldn’t be put in the dryer. The tags said to dry flat. I offered to take one to put it on the heated towel rack. Who could have predicted to what lengths that jumper would go to get the sleeves dry?

112615 Chris' sweater drying.JPG

2 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving Fun

  1. I love this. There is always such warmth in your blog and your life seems to be a continuous party with changing guests. What a joyous way to live. And what beautiful horses!


    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate your reading my posts. We didn’t have any company to speak of until we retired. Maybe we’re making up for lost time. We enjoy the horses, too. They belong to an unknown neighbor.

      Liked by 1 person

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