Warm Greetings on Christmas Eve

Warm greetings are highly desirable on a cold winter day. They seem a bit redundant during a heat wave, as we have here in North Carolina. During the night there were hours of heavy rain with lightning and thunder. This morning John drove us down to see Jonathan Creek, swollen with muddy water.

122415 J Creek swollen by warm rain.JPG

For the noon meal, John grilled apple sausages on the back porch. We might have been tempted to eat out there if the table had been clean.

122415 Grilling on a warm Christmas Eve.JPG

We went to church in Asheville, driving through some patches of fog. Every seat was taken for that candlelight service. As folding chairs were added, people were asked to open the window nearest them.



Back at home, we lit candles and had the fireplace going while we celebrated with eggnog and Lebkuchen. We didn’t leave the home fires burning for long!


From the South, warm greetings to all of you.


Merry Christmas!


122415 David Anne John.JPG
David, Anne, and John on Christmas Eve

5 thoughts on “Warm Greetings on Christmas Eve

  1. What a beautiful family! We are having a heat wave too Anne. It was 70 degrees on Xmas day. Our son and grandgirls are coming New Year’s Day so it is not over yet but I hope the weather cools down. Today is 90% humidity. Weird!


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