Truth in Comics

The forecast for snow was serious enough that our schools were closed. As so often happens, not much materialized. We had an errand to run in town, so we stopped by the library. I found two books; John picked out two videos, and I chose five books to read to neighbor Logan. That’s something I’d not done before. Logan always asks to see Curious George on our TV, but he isn’t here often when that show is on. There were three George books and two others chosen randomly.

Fast forward to a time after lunch when I read the comics. Dennis the Menace was sharing a chair with Mrs. Wilson, and she was reading him a book! I’ve likened our favorite neighborhood boy and myself to Dennis and Mrs. Wilson. The comic strip came to life when Logan knocked on our door. The cute little boy sat beside a rather frumpy woman with colorless hair who wore glasses, and they read a book. There was one big difference. I’m not sure what D the M did, but Logan began to read the first sentence. He continued reading three pages! Yes, I supplied a few of the longer words, but he did marvelously well. He is only five years old!

012016 Dennis and Mrs Wilson.JPG

The three dimensional map of our area was on the floor, waiting for John to hang it in his office. Logan was drawn to it like a magnet. John quickly picked it up before the boy might step on it, and the two began to explore it. John pointed out Asheville, Waynesville, and the area where we live. Logan delighted in running his hands over the mountains and tracing the Pigeon River through the gorge. I took one quick photo and was surprised at what I saw when it was expanded on the monitor. John looked quite a bit like his dad from that angle.

012016 JC Logan with map.JPG

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