Logan’s Heroes

A dear friend labeled one of our Logan stories with a takeoff on the old TV show Hogan’s Heroes. I am definitely not in the hero class, but John is. Any man in his mid-70s who will stay outside in 21 degrees F for an hour while a 5-year-old sleds has earned his badge, cape, wings, or power helmet. Hip, hip, hooray!

We had it easy compared to Shawn and Bob. All we did was play with Logan while they went to the airport. Shawn’s flight was canceled because of snow yesterday, but today they trekked out to the airport. At the time Shawn got on the plane, there had been no flight in or out of the airport for one or two days. Bob stayed for quite a while before driving home. He and John finished cleaning Amy’s drive and front steps. That’s when the call came, that the flight was not leaving after all. The plane had not been de-iced, and the fuel truck was stuck. I don’t know how long the passengers were confined to their seats, but they were finally returned to the terminal.

John went outside with Logan as Bob headed for the airport again. The boy used both of our sleds — a butt board and a plastic sled. I don’t know which was more successful, but at the end Logan was able to go from the top of his drive well down toward the creek. John was getting chilled and knew he had to go inside. He gave Logan the word, this is the last run. The boy suggested he would stay out by himself, which was not an option. The final run was prolonged, but Logan dragged the sled up the hill. As old man and little boy headed across the street, Logan said, “Thank you for taking me sledding.”



They came in cold and wet. John persuaded him to take off his pants and put them in the dryer. He didn’t want to be in our house wearing only underwear and a shirt, but heaccepted one of John’s tee shirts. I asked if I could take his picture, because he looked so cute in that outsize shirt. He declined, and I put the toy camera back in my pocket.


There is a moral to this tale. Keep a few of your children’s or grandchildren’s toys for your old age. You never know when you’ll need to entertain a child with them.

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