Logan Hits a Tree

We volunteered to keep Logan again while his parents went to the airport. To diffuse some of that high powered energy, John met him at the door and immediately went sledding with him. The toy camera and I followed. The run was pretty fast, and the camera caught the action. Listening carefully, you might hear Logan laugh just after he hit the tree and rolled off the sled. If only we had captured a few more seconds, you could have seen the boy run up the hill still laughing.

As if that were not enough exercise, Logan and John still had energy to horse around inside. I liked the demo of the tandem exercise machine. Which person do you think used the most calories?

2 thoughts on “Logan Hits a Tree

  1. Thank you very, very much. You’ve made my day! The feeling is mutual. I love your posts. My hair — I let it grow when we moved to NC, thinking it would look as sleek and smooth as that of many other grays in this area. I should have known better. My hair has a mind of its own. I appreciate your vote of confidence that I can keep it somewhat under control. I hope you have a super special day.


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