Snow for Nathaniel’s Birthday

At 4:49 am, I texted grandson Nathaniel with a cheery birthday greeting and promptly went back to sleep. Since he gets up early every school day, he replied at 5:43. He had a snow day on Long Island and sounded disgusted that there was no snow on the ground or falling. This was the boy that prayed for snow on his birthday in 2013, and we got a blizzard with an accumulation of 31 inches. He claimed he prayed for an inch, and Grandpa said, “Yes, and you prayed it 31 times!”


020913 N shovels.jpg
Nathaniel shoveling snow the day after his birthday, 2013

Meanwhile, in North Carolina, we had fierce snow flurries throughout the day with nothing on the ground. By turns the mountains disappeared, came back, basked in strong sunlight, and hid again. Toward dusk I could see snow at higher elevations sticking to trees and clearings.


I took a picture when it was snowing on our deck with a background of snow falling on the mountain under a blue sky. The flakes would probably have shown up better if I’d used the flash. Would you have joined me in looking for a snowbow?

020816 Snow, sun and blue sky.JPG
Sun shining on snow as it fell on the deck and the mountain under blue skies

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