Climbing the Railing

Once neighbor Logan discovered he could climb from the driveway onto our porch, he practiced it many times. The toy camera wanted part of the action, too. As soon as Logan saw the camera in my hand, he performed his new stunt proudly. I was shocked when he stood up, swaying a bit in the heavy wind. Instead of frightening him by screaming and running toward him, I held my breath. With the video, you could time how long he balanced. It felt like a full five minutes to me. I’m sure the train cars thought there had been an earthquake, complete with sound effects.

7 thoughts on “Climbing the Railing

    1. Most folks these days use their phones. I’m not comfortable with mine, so the other pocket always carries the toy camera. The picture files from the phone are huge, and I don’t think the video clips are compatible with the programs I use.

      Logan is cute. Some day he will outgrow us, but I hope it isn’t any time soon.

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