Ignominious Homecoming

This was the fourth time the Jeep was hauled home in disgrace.  After not starting in a national park, on a roadside in Virginia, and at the Asheville airport, we used it only for very local errands.  The vehicle gradually acquired a new ignition switch, a new starter motor, and a whole new ignition system after a factory recall.  Neighbor Bob worked on it, too, cleaning all the wires that could have caused trouble.  This time John couldn’t get home after a doctor’s appointment in the next town, so we left it for two nights.  Often it will start the day after balking, but we gave it two chances this time.  Oddly enough, I felt sorry for the old boy.  He tried his best to start, giving us a click to let us know he was trying.  I blame the Jeep company.  Many others have had the same trouble with the Commander line, and no one has come up with the definitive fix.

032416 Jeep escorted home.JPG

I came home to decorate Easter cookies while John waited for AAA to pick up the Jeep.  My job was much more fun than his.

032416 Cookies for Easter.JPG

7 thoughts on “Ignominious Homecoming

  1. The service was pre-sunrise. I think the Easter vigil should be at midnight, but I could be wrong. I leave the intimate details of church history. to John. During the service, all the hangings and altar items were returned to the sanctuary. There were many readings from scripture and prayers, as well as communion. No sermon!


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