First Rate Nurseryman  

Neighbor Amy and I stopped in a nursery, perhaps the closest one to our homes.  It was a place I had passed often since we moved here.  We were both interested in a red twig dogwood after having seen one at the Biltmore gardens.  One of the young fellows took us into a greenhouse to see their Ivory Halo.  We were not impressed, probably because the redness of the stems had faded in its spring stage.

Dedicated gardener that she is, Amy wandered into another greenhouse.

040316 Amy looks at plant in greenhouse.JPG

She read the tags on some plants and picked out a lovely little variegated one to take home.  An older man was at the register, and he picked up the plant, looking at the bottom.  I don’t remember his words, but he was telling Amy that it hadn’t developed well enough.  Only two or three little roots were poking out of the bottom.

He said, “You know there is going to be a freeze tonight.  This one wouldn’t make it outside.  I suggest you might want to leave it with me for ano
ther three weeks.”

The man wouldn’t have refused to sell the plant, but he made it easy for040216 Jacob's Ladder.jpg Amy to change her mind.  She asked him to write down the name so that she could ask for it at a later time, which he did.  The common name is Jacob’s Ladder.  We were very impressed that love of plants made him lose a sale that day.  I will definitely go back there.

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