A Day in the Mountains

One of my favorite things to do is ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway with guests.  We have nice views from our house, but it’s more spectacular to be cruising along, face to face with the mountains.  Although we hopped out at several overlooks, I didn’t get any good photos.  We did stop at my favorite waterfall for a photo op.


041116 John Gerhard my waterfall.JPG
John and Gerhard at my favorite waterfall

We had lunch at Pisgah Inn where there were things to look at inside and out.  The waitress deboned rainbow trout at the table, as advertised on the menu.  Our eyes were glued on her hands as she wielded the sharp knife, deftly opening the fish and extracting the bones.  When I asked, she said everyone there does it, and she likes the task.  The view overlooking the mountains never fails to bring pleasure.


041116 Gerhard at Pisgah Inn.JPG041116 Looking Glass Falls

We went through the visitor’s center at the Cradle of Forestry and walked a little way on one of the trails.  Going a few miles further, we got out to see Looking Glass falls.  What a contrast from summertime when you can’t get near it!  For a few minutes, we were the only ones there.


On the way home, we bought a bag of apples so that Gerhard could feed the horses in the neighbor’s pasture.  This is becoming a feature of a stay at our house.  Neighbor Bob heard that the young people who own the animals are going to be riding them soon.

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